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Principal family names:
Humphries (aka Humphreys) and Gregg.
Secondary family name: Alvarez, Began, Christensen, Ciampa,
Flowers. Gawthrop, Hargrove, Jay, Kizer, Lamhofer, Lannan, Lowry, Moore,
Quarrells, Thomas, Thompson, Turner, Wicks, and Williams

Jack Gregg, musician, artist, and author.

Principal family names:
Lannan, Burdette (Burdett), Duffy, Hunt, Gawthrop, and Aiello
Secondary family names: Aegan, Beane, Bragg, Brown, Collier, Davis, Davisson,
Deninger, Dixon, Doyle, Faulkner, Garrison, Gregg, Harmon, Hoope,
Losh, Murphy, Short, and Toothman.


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